Top 6 most delicious spicy dishes in the world

Tuesday, 26/12/2023 | 14:49 UTC-5

Tastes are subjective, and what one person finds delicious, another may not. However, here's a list of ten spicy dishes from around the world that are often celebrated for their flavor.

  1. Oelek Sambal sauce - Indonesia: 
    Oelek Sambal is not a dish, it is an Indonesian chili sauce, but they can be classified as "shocking". There is a simpler way to better visualize the spiciness of Oelek Sambal: fresh minced chili sauce. This compatible type uses almost entirely the world's hottest chili peppers without adding many additives. The types of peppers used to make chili sauce include Habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, Jeanette peppers, chili peppers, Spanish peppers, and Jolokia naga - a type of pepper known to be 10 times hotter than Thai peppers. Lan. This dish has the feature that when enjoying it, you will be rewarded with red lips. 

    Top 10 most delicious spicy dishes in the world

  2. Sichuan Hot Pot (China): Sichuan cuisine is known for its bold and spicy flavors, and the hot pot is a communal cooking experience where diners cook a variety of meats, vegetables, and tofu in a flavorful and numbing broth.

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    Coming to China's Sichuan region, we will be honored with dishes with unique locations. For Sichuan people, chili is an indispensable spice in daily life. Among dishes, hot is the dish with the most special position. Sichuan sauce is cooked with garlic, onions and Sichuan chili - a type of chili famous around the world for its numbing spiciness. Served with hot pot is sliced ​​raw meat and lots of green vegetables.

    Sichuan Hot Pot (China)

  3. Tom Yum (Thailand): A hot and sour Thai soup, Tom Yum is flavored with lemongrass, lime leaves, chili, and other aromatic ingredients, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.
    Tom Yum is a famous Thai spicy and sour slider dish. Anyone who enjoys it for the first time will immediately notice the aroma and special taste of this dish. Popular varieties of Tom Yum are shrimp, seafood or chicken, and the spiciness comes from a combination of Thai bird chili, lime leaves and fresh lime juice. To reduce the spiciness of the dish, people combine the dish with white rice. The main ingredients to cook tom yum are shrimp ranging in size from small to large or chicken and edible mushrooms. Indispensable spices in the soup include Thai lime leaves, lemongrass, young galangal flowers, dried onions, fresh chili, lime juice or tamarind juice, herbs, tomatoes, coconut water or coconut milk, chicken broth. or pork bones, fish sauce, sugar, salt, seasoning powder.

    Tom Yum (Thailand)

  4. Fried chicken wings, American style spicy sauce: Fried chicken wings (Buffalo wings), also known as crispy fried chicken wings, are a dish originating from American cuisine. This dish is a portion of chicken wings that are fried crispy by frying in oil, then coated with a sauce. The sauce includes spicy cayenne pepper sauce and melted butter before serving. Fried wings were invented in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York by Teressa Bellissimo. They are usually served hot and crispy, along with celery coffee or at the end with one of two types of green cheese. 

    Fried chicken wings, American style spicy sauce

  5. Laab (Thailand/Laos): Laab is a spicy minced meat salad from Southeast Asia, often made with ground meat, lime, fish sauce, and a generous amount of chilies.
    Laab ลาบ is one of the most iconic dishes in Thai cuisine that is  popular in many Thai restaurants around the world. To me, it represents one of the best parts about Thai food - spicy, bright flavours loaded with fresh herbs. It is also one of the easiest Thai dishes you can make at home, making it very beginner and weeknight friendly! 

    Laab Thailand Laos

  6. Kimchi Jjigae (Korea): A popular Korean stew, Kimchi Jjigae is made with kimchi, tofu, vegetables, and sometimes pork, creating a spicy and flavorful broth.
    Kimchi is one of the famous dishes in the world. In 2013, UNESCO recognized Kimchi as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Not only popular in Korea but in Vietnam, Kimchi is also a familiar dish that appears in many family meals or restaurants, eateries... Currently, this dish has joined and is very popular. In our country, the spiciness of the dish has decreased a lot. 

    Kimchi Jjigae Korea

These dishes represent a diverse range of culinary traditions, each incorporating spice in its own unique way. Keep in mind that the level of spiciness can often be adjusted to suit individual tastes. Have you ever enjoyed these red-lip spicy dishes? Please share your thoughts with Top10Enter.


What is the top 1 spicy food in the world?

India: Phaal Curry

Recognised as the spiciest dish on the planet, those who attempt to eat the fiery Phaal Curry are often required to sign a form before eating (essentially so they won't sue the restaurant if something goes terribly wrong).

What is the tastiest spicy food? 

  • Egusi soup, Nigeria. Ata rodo – Scotch bonnet pepper – brings the fire to Nigeria's famous spicy soup. ...
  • Sichuan hot pot, China. ...
  • Som tam, Thailand. ...
  • Piri-piri chicken, Mozambique and Angola. ...
  • Chairman Mao's braised pork belly, China. ...
  • Jerk chicken/pork, Jamaica. ...
  • Ayam betutu, Indonesia. ...
  • Buffalo chicken wings, United States.

What are the top 10 hottest curries? 

Today we bring to you 15 spiciest Indian food belonging to different states across India.

  • Pork Vindaloo. Source Carrying the Portuguese history in itself, Pork Vindaloo is a local Goan delicacy. ...
  • Phall Curry. ...
  • Laal Maas. ...
  • Chicken Chettinad. ...
  • Andhra Chilli Chicken. ...
  • Saoji Chicken Curry. ...
  • Chicken 65. ...
  • Kolhapuri Chicken.

What is the spiciest Chinese dish?


It's the same name same restaurant chain just a hundred meters down the road so the dish i'm here to try as you can see on the sign behind me here is suantang yoo sour soup fish it's the signature

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